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During the 70s, I wrote and published several nonfiction books and manuals. I began writing in 1996. I wrote a journal in order to let myself understand why I survived a merchant brainstem stroke. Looking back, I see that the Journal was written by a true amateur. It wasn’t until 2004 that I started writing again.

After moving to Florida, I spent time learning the craft of story structure. In 2014, I co-authored a book titled, “Glimpse of Sunlight” along with Leona Bodie. The book won second place in the Florida Writers Association annual contest for historical fiction. Although the novel is fiction it is based on the life of the Jonathan Dickinson from the time his father arrived in Jamaica until shortly after the earthquake and tsunami of 1692.

Shortly after publication of that book, I began writing alone to create the second book in the Jonathan Dickinson trilogy titled, “Desperation Passage of Jonathan Dickinson.” The first part of the book will be given away for free. It is totally fictional, and based upon Jonathan Dickinson’s reasons for leaving Jamaica.

The first two books of the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey feature the art of Steve Witucki who was instrumental in helping me develop my characters. All three books in the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey can be read by readers 14 years old and up.